Friday, November 20, 2015

3 Easy Preschool Robot Art Ideas

Does your child love robots?  My preschooler loves them!  We regularly speak in robot voice and robot dance around the house. So today I'm adding to our growing list of Preschool crafts and activities with these 3 easy robot art ideas!

3 Easy Preschool Robot Art Ideas

3 Easy Preschool Robot Art Activities - No prep, fun activities!

1.  Easy Sharpie and Foil Art

Aluminum foil is such a fun medium to try out with little kids.  We've already used it to make it to make this easy shiny foil process art and stained glass art.   

Easy Preschool Robot Art- Use Sharpie and Foil

To make this robot foil art, I first prepared a "canvas" by cutting up a cereal box and wrapping it with a piece of tin foil.

Then, my son and I looked at robot photos online.  I handed him some Sharpie markers and he proceeded to create his own robot.

easy preschool robot art ideas- sharpie and foil

Once he finished, we talked about his picture and all the different parts of his robot!

2.  Watercolor and Sharpie Robot Art 

It's no secret that we love using our watercolors to make art!

Sharpie + Watercolor Art- Easy Preschool Robot Art

To make this piece of art, we first talked about different shapes.  Then, we sketched out a robot with Sharpie marker, added details with crayons, and added color with watercolors.

3.  Robot Art Game

Robot Art Game- Easy Preschool Art Idea that combines game and arts

My son and I made up this art game after we finished making foil art together.  To play the game we took turns being the "programmer" and "drawing robot."  I explained to my son that robots were programmed (aka, given commands) to do certain things.

We took turns being the "drawing robot" and "programmer."

The programmer gave commands about what to draw by saying a number, a color, and a shape (or object.)  Once the drawing robot finished drawing, we switched roles.

For example, my son gave me the commands to draw "6 yellow hexagons."  After I did this, I told him to draw "2 orange faces."  We went back and forth for quite some time!

I really hope you have fun trying out these activities with your preschoolers too!

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