Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Mini Painted Sponge Christmas Trees

Can you believe that it's already mid November?   Time sure flies by quickly!  Even though it's not yet Thanksgiving, my son's already asked me to put up the Christmas tree and make Christmas Crafts.

Well, we still haven't put up the tree, but we have been crafting more together at night.  Recently, we turned a bunch of old makeup sponges into mini Christmas trees.  I know, they're not as beautiful as the real thing... but for now, they'll do!

Mini Sponge Christmas Trees

Easy Christmas Craft- Painted Sponge Christmas trees
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Here's how we made this craft! 

(Sorry there aren't any photos.  I've been pretty tired lately, so I haven't been pulling out the camera as much...)

1.  We covered our work area.

2.  Then, I pulled out a bunch of sponges , brushes, and paint.   We then spent time painting the sponges.  (I also pulled out some scrap paper too because he wanted to make some sponge prints.)

FYI- Since the sponges are pretty thick, they absorbed the paint quite nicely.

3.  Once the paint dried, we added some sparkle using glitter glue and topped each tree off with a star sticker.

5.  Then, I pushed a tooth pick through the bottoms of the sponges.

6.  To help these trees stand up, I covered a block of styrofoam with aluminum foil.  We glued on pom poms and stuck on stickers to resemble snow.  

And that's it!

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