Friday, December 4, 2015

Easy Twig String Art Ornaments

Our tree is finally up!  And since I love me some  Christmas crafts, my son and I recently whipped up these lovely (and easy) string art twig ornaments!  

Easy Twig String Art Ornaments

easy twig string art ornaments
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These ornaments were super easy to make (and free to boot, since we had everything already on hand!

First, we went to the park and picked up a bunch of sticks.

Then, I tied our sticks together using Baker's Twine into cute triangles.

tie sticks together to make stick ornaments

Afterwards, we grabbed our collection of colorful yarn. I cut off bits of yarn and tied them to the ornaments.  Then, we just wrapped the yarn around the ornament.  (My preschooler struggled with longer pieces of yarn, so I made his strings shorter.)  Overall, we wrapped around 3 pieces of yarn around each ornament, tying each one in place as we went along.

Once we finished, I just tied on a shorter piece of yarn to hang the ornaments up in our tree.

wrap yarn around the stick ornaments to make twig art ornaments

Love it when a craft is easy and beautiful too!

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Happy making, friends!