Monday, November 30, 2015

Milk Jug Santa Claus Craft

Got a milk jug lying around?  Well don't throw that baby out!  Instead, use it to make a recycled Christmas Craft!  My preschooler and I recently turned ours into this cute

Milk Jug Santa Claus!

Easy Recycled Craft- Milk Jug Santa Claus!
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Ok... So my 4 year old has now officially dropped nap-taking.  (Ahh!!!)  To help us both get through the day (and the now earlier nights), I've turned into a crafting fiend.   Yurp.  I set up easy crafts for us to do together.   Sometimes they come out great! And sometimes... not so great.   (You can see some of our better-looking crafting adventures on my Instagram Feed.)

Now, I love crafting and making cute things, so these crafts keep me happy and sane.  And my loves using scissors and glue (and not being forced to nap)... so it's worked out pretty well so far.

Here's how we made this easy milk jug Santa...

First, I washed and dried out a 1/2 gallon milk jug container.  I also removed the label.

Then, I pre-cut the different pieces from construction paper and origami paper.  (We almost out of construction paper, so I just used what I had.)

Milk Jug Santa Claus Parts

Then, we used clear tape, regular Elmer's glue, a stapler, a glue stick, and tacky glue to stick everything on.  (Sticking paper onto paper was pretty easy. But I worried that Elmer's wouldn't work on the plastic jug, so that's why we used the tacky glue.)

And tada! That's how we made this fun little guy together!  He's sitting on our windowsill just smiling away.

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Happy making (and staying sane with little kids), friends!

Easy Recycled Milk Jug Santa Claus Craft to make with preschoolers