Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Easy Kids' Art: Lego Stamping (and some great STEAM books!)

Have you ever tried making art with lego?  

Easy Kids' Art:  Lego StampingLego Stamping with Kids- Easy and Fun Art

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My older son's been sick for the past couple of days... which means we've been stuck at home for the past couple of days.  To keep us both from bouncing off the walls, I came up with some easy, art activities to help pass the time.  Today's art activity is a simple one using Lego  and stamp pads.

We simply grabbed Lego of different shapes and sizes and a bunch of stamp pads.  Then, we got stamping!  

At first, we started off by just stamping randomly, but then we tried our hands at designing cities and space shuttles.

Lego Stamping with Kids- Easy and Fun Art

Lego Stamping with Kids- Easy and Fun Art

And then my son got the idea to attach Lego pieces together to create different shaped stamps.  Pretty neat, huh?

Lego Stamping with Kids- Easy and Fun Art

Love that this activity took so little time to prep, but led to a lot of neat discussion about cities and space.

If you're looking for some great picture books to go along with this activity, check out the list below!

Picture Books About Architecture, Engineering, and Technology

And here are some more Lego activities in case your kids love Lego too!

More Lego Activities and Crafts

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Lego Stamping with Kids- Easy and Fun Art


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