Sunday, February 25, 2018

Awesome Chinese New Year Dragon Kite Puppet

Happy belated Chinese New Year!  This past week I visited my son's classroom and did some Chinese New Year themed crafts with his friends.  I'd love to claim today's craft as my own because it's so awesome.  But, I can't take any credit.  My son actually made it in his class.  (The teacher found the idea in  The MailBox and graciously allowed me to share it here.)  Isn't it super neat?

Awesome New Year's Dragon Kite Puppets!

Chinese New Year Dragon Kite Puppet

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My son made this one in class, so I'll just show you what it looks like so you can make it too.

The body of the dragon was cut out from a red envelope, but you can also use red paper.  They folded down the face portion and drew scales and a face on one side.

(Also, you'll notice they used a bit of glitter to give it a bit more pizazz.)

Chinese New Year Dragon Kite Puppet

This is what the dragon looks like with the face folded over.  The popsicle stick is glued to the back of the folded over face.

Colorful tissue paper strips were also glued on.  The flutter really prettily when the dragon flies around.

Chinese New Year Dragon Kite Puppet

And here's how you hold your puppet/ kite!

Chinese New Year Dragon Kite Puppet

I hope you have fun trying out this Chinese New Year craft with your kiddos.

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