Monday, July 9, 2018

Faux Henna Tattoos for Kids

Have you ever heard about Henna tattoos? These are beautiful temporary tattoos that people around the world apply during certain celebrations or rites of passage.  (You can read more about  Henna tattoos here.)  Years ago, I attended a Mehendi Ceremony and completely fell in love with all the beautiful designs that the artist applied to our hands. That was the first (and sadly the last time) I ever got Henna done.  Today's post is an attempt to recreate the beautiful details of the Henna tattoo... in a very kid-friendly way!

Kid-Friendly Faux Henna Tattoos

(Kids can draw them + they're completely washable too!)

how to do kid-friendly henna with kids!

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How to Make Easy, Washable, Kid-Friendly Henna Tattoos

1.  Find an image of a Henna tattoo that you like online.  (This really, really helped.  Some websites even provide step-by-step tutorials showing you how the draw the images.)

2.  Grab a brown, washable marker and get drawing! (I drew on myself and then my toddler wanted one too.  My eldest wasn't so keen on it, but he enjoyed copying the design onto paper.)

How Kids can make Henna Hands using washable markers

And that's it! Our finished "Henna" Hands. 

(I liked how these came out so much that I'm tempted now to get one of these DIY Henna Tattoo Kits to try out with friends!)

How Kids can make Henna Hands using washable markers

How to do kid friendly henna with children- super fun Mehendi activity for the whole family

If you have gel pens, you can also check out this link which shows you how to make
Henna Hands using Gel Pens. (We tried doing this with our cheapie Gel Pens.  They did not work at all!   So I definitely recommend you test out the pens first before getting your hopes up.)

And if you're looking for other fun body decorating ideas, check out the links below!  (Both recipes use materials that you most likely already own at home... so no special materials are necessary!)

More Fun Body Painting Ideas:

I love how art allows us to appreciate and learn about other cultures.

Have fun, friends!
How Kids can make Henna Hands using washable markers