Monday, October 8, 2018

How to Doodle Frisbees

Hi everyone! Quick fun art idea here- I wasn't sure what to call this post originally.  Doodle Frisbees?  Art frisbees?  Mandala frisbees?  "Sharpies-are-so-cool-they-draw-on-everything" frisbees?  Oh well.  Names were never my strong suit.  But I had to pop in and share this craft because I think it'd be a fun one to do for a party on during a playdate.

How To Doodle on Frisbees

(aka "Gosh. Sharpies really do draw on everything.")

How to Doodle on Frisbees with Kids

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Ok, here's how we doodled on the frisbees.  We simply used a black oil-based Sharpie and drew on some plain plastic frisbees

This was our first time using this type of Sharpies and they really didn't disappoint.  Highly pigmented, they glided on very smoothly.  It literally felt like we were using the pen to "paint" on the black.

How to Doodle on Frisbees with Kids

When they dried, the ink didn't wipe off. 

Two words of caution:
They did take a bit of time to dry.  Also I tried scratching the artwork and noticed that the black did come off.  So I imagine that while this frisbee is used, the artwork will get scratched!

While the frisbees looked very neat with just the black line-drawings, we tried adding a bit of color with just Normal Sharpies once the black dried. (I'm sure we could have used colorful oil-based Sharpies, but we only had a black one so we used what we had!)

Word of caution: 
We noticed that the colorful Sharpies would sometimes smear the black.  So we just colored without touching the black lines.

We could have also just used normal Sharpies to draw on the plastic, but I'm doubtful that the black would have been that pigmented!

How to Doodle on Frisbees with Kids

Ok! That's all for this post.  :) I was just so excited by our first foray into the land of oil-based permanent markers. 

Happy making, friends!