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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hungry Caterpillar Party Part 3

Here are the last of my party photos. 

(We didn't have an actual photo-booth set up, but the guests were still able to play around with the props.  Don't they look so gosh darn cute?)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hungry Caterpillar Party Part 2

Click here for directions to make your own fruit balloon garland
Special thanks to brave hubby for holding the pinata while kids swung wildly with their bats.

I found it hilarious that the kids brought multiple bats to hit the pinata.

Can I be honest with you?

I initially didn't want to throw Baby Chuck a party.  (Does that make me a bad mommy?  Hopefully not.)  I didn't want a birthday party because I figured Baby Chuck wouldn't really remember anything... so why spend the money or put the effort in?  (Ay, I'm so cheap.)  But then I changed my mind after talking with some relatives.  It only took a bit of convincing and Pinteresting before I was on-board.  (Anytime there's a craft to be made, count me in!) 

Looking back I'm really glad that we did it.  Hubby and I got to celebrate the fact that we kept a baby alive for a whole year.  Wowzers.  Tita Tina, Ana, and I got a chance to craft.  Yes!  Baby Chuck will have lovely photos to look at one day.  Hooray!  And our young guests got a chance to let loose and enjoy themselves. Score!

You know what?  Here's my deep thought of the day:
There are so many tough and sad things in this world.  Life would be better if we threw more parties and celebrated. 

(Thanks Sam for taking these beautiful photos.)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Hungry Caterpillar party part 1

Hi everyone!

Last Saturday we held Baby Chuck's 1st birthday party.  I was a tad bit stressed out with all the planning, but everything turned out well at the end.  Hooray! Everyone seemed to have fun and enjoy themselves.  Thanks to everybody who helped out with the decorations, games, and food!!!

Because I was running around like a chicken without its head, I didn't get a chance to get too many photos.  Here are some shots that hubby managed to snap of our decorations and food:

Made by Tita Tina

Made by Tita Tina and Ana   (Click here to see more amazing cakes!)

Made by Tita Tina and Ana
Made by Grace
Click here for directions to make your own multi-colored crayons

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hungry caterpillar party prep- Crepe paper caterpillar

Ok, ok, I know what you're thinking.  This post looks like a Hungry Caterpillar craft and didn't I announce in my last post that I was no longer going to do anymore caterpillar crafts?  Well, yes, that's true.  But in my defense, I just wanted to post up this photo of a welcome sign that Tita Tina made  for the party.  Isn't it adorable?  I love his little feet.  I just want to tickle them. 

I have no idea how she made it (and if anyone out there wants to know, just leave a comment below and I'm sure she would explain everything.) 

(By the way, she isn't just a sign maker.  She also makes a-mazing cakes.)

I love how a child's birthday party can encourage us to create and craft things.    

Monday, September 3, 2012

Hungry Caterpillar party prep: DIY birthday banner

Ok, this will be the last of the party DIYs, I promise!  With the party only a couple of days away, we round off our DIY series with a Hungry Caterpillar birthday banner:

It was really simple and fun to make.  I cut out various shapes from cereal boxes.  Then, I just painted them with craft paint "Eric Carle" style and used Sharpie markers to write the letters.    

To see all the items we made for the party, click here

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hungry Caterpillar party prep: DIY multicolor crayons

I struggled with what to put in the children's goodie bags.  At first I was going to give them lollipops because that went along with the theme of the book.  But then I remembered that they were already going to get candy after bashing the pinata.  Images of screaming children on candy highs filled my mind, so I went another route:  DIY multicolor crayons.  (It sort of goes with the theme, right?  Colorful crayons.... colorful Eric Carle artwork? Ok...maybe it's a stretch...  Alright, you got me.  I just wanted to try this DIY out and I needed an excuse... )

Anywhoo... here's what I did:

(1)  I found a bunch of old crayons, ripped off their paper covers, and broke them up.
  • Note 1:  My mom actually found these crayons at that means they're at least 20 years old... ehhhh.... I think they're still good)  
  • Note 2:  I had a tough time ripping off the covers.  So hubby and I ended up using a scissor to slice the paper right off.  Be careful!  I sliced my finger. 
  • Note 3:  It was tough breaking crayons.  (Hmm, I sense a theme here.  I should probably go to the gym and work out my arms).  I ended up using my trusty pair of scissors and cutting the crayons up.  You could probably chop the crayons up too.  But I didn't want to get wax on my knives or cutting board.  
(2)  I put the broken crayons into some silicone candy molds.   (I've seen other people using cute ice-cube trays or cupcake trays.)
  • Note 1:  You probably don't want to do this with a beloved tray.  The wax stains the silicone.
  • Note 2:  I placed the silicone molds on top of a baking dish because I was afraid of spilling melted wax.  I spilled wax anyway...but at least it didn't get onto my floor.

(3)  Place the crayons into a 250 degree oven.  Bake for about 10-15 minutes (depending on how big  your crayon chunks are).  Watch them as they bake.  Take them out when the top layer is liquidy.

(4)  Once melted, take the tray out and let your melted wax cool and harden. (Mine took about 15 minutes to solidify.) 
  • Note:  Melted crayons smell bad.  Really bad.  Open a window.  Wear a gas mask.  Do whatever you need to feel ok with this.... I kept reminding myself that crayons are non-toxic....*cough cough*
(5) Once cool, pop those babies out and admire your colorful handiwork.
  • Note:  I placed mine in the  freezer for a bit before popping them out.  Some other blogger said to do that, but I don't think I really had to.
Voila!  An army of rainbow crayons ready to color the world!  Muah ha ha ha.

To see other things that we made for the party, click  here

Monday, August 27, 2012

Hungry Caterpillar party prep: DIY Photobooth props

So first we made a Number 1 pinata.  Then we made a Hungry Caterpillar themed bingo board.  Now it's time for photobooth props!

I've never seen a real live photobooth before.  But, I've drooled over so many online that I wanted to try the whole activity out too. (Has anyone out there ever used a photobooth?  I think you just provide guests with some props and a nice background, right?)  Anyhoo... I'm lucky enough that Tito Ric has real photography backdrops that we can use.  I'm just providing the Hungry Caterpillar themed props.  Old cereal boxes and cardboard boxes (stolen from our building's garbage pile- yay garbage) were used to create these colorful props.  I painted them with craft paint "Eric Carle" style.  Here's how a couple turned out:

(Note:  I really wanted to take photos of all the props, but hubby reminded me that I should leave some surprise for the guests.  So, you'll have to wait to see all the props later!)

The mask looks like a bunny... but it's meant to be the hungry caterpillar.
 I can't wait to see the kids and their parents playing around with the props.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hungry Caterpillar party prep: DIY Caterpillar Bingo

Here's my second completed project:  Hungry Caterpillar Bingo

I figured I would need more than a pinata to keep our young guests entertained.  I loved playing Bingo as a kid, so I created these Hungry Caterpillar themed bingo boards.  I placed different images from Eric Carle's book into each square.  Here are 11 different 4x4 Bingo boards that I created:

(Note:  Once again, I am not ashamed to admit that I am a big time copycat.  I used copied images to create my Hungry Caterpillar invite.  This time I copied quite a few of my Bingo images from Patty's blog.  Thank you Patty!)  

Hungry Caterpillar 4x4 Bingo

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hungry Caterpillar party prep: DIY Number Pinata

I just realized this week that September is right around the corner.  Eek!  Summer is slipping through my fingers.  Nooo!

Baby Chuck's birthday party is almost here.  I have all these marvelous DIY plans dancing in my head, but I have yet to fully complete one.  Fortunately, Kim is super crafty and creative.  I'm mucho thankful that she was able to help out.  

Here's our first birthday party project:  The pinata! Ole!  (Note:  I've never hit a pinata before, but the whole idea seems very fun.  What? You get to hit something with a big stick?  And it's ok?  And it spits out candy?  Sign my kid up!)  After looking through pages and pages of pinatas, I skipped the paper mache route in favor of cardboard (using this awesome set of directions).  I'm not sure how sturdy the structure will be since we used flimsy cereal boxes.  Luckily, only a couple of young kids will attend our party, so I think it'll be ok.  *Crosses fingers*

I'm not going to lie.  It was loads of fun to make, but it took a looooong time.  We could only work at night when Baby Chuck was sleeping.  (Unfortunately, that meant that we were both also exhausted too.)  Having Kim as my slave helper really helped.   If you were to try this project, I recommend that you get yourself a Kim too.

Here are some photos from our efforts:

I added thicker cardboard to reinforce my flimsy ones.

This was all we were able to accomplish the first night.
Note the ice-cream in the background.  We needed to keep our energy up.

We started from the bottom and then slowly worked our way up.

Delirium sets in.

This is all we accomplished the second night.

And then when I work up the next morning , our pinata was magically completed!  Just kidding, we finished it after another night of work.

Now I just have to fill this baby up and then we can see it in action. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hungry Caterpillar party prep: The invite

In one more month Baby Chuck will be turning one. We're celebrating with a Hungry Caterpillar themed birthday party.  I'm super excited because hubby's aunt and I are going to make a lot of things by hand.  I'm not sure how everything will turn out... but  I know we'll learn a lot in the process. 

(Note:  Unfortunately, I can no longer send out the powerpoint slide that I used.  My computer died awhile back and this was one of the files that I lost. )

Note:  I'm a copycat.  I found these images and phrases on the internet and pasted them onto a ppt slide.  :)