Monday, January 21, 2013

Cowboy gear part 2: Cardboard tissue box cowboy hat

And here's how you crapt a cowboy hat from cardboard...
(Directions modified from a video that I viewed here)

tissue box and cereal box cardboard cowboy hat

- tissue box
- strong glue (I used Aleene's)
- cereal box
- scissors
- paint
- paint brushes
- felt
- packing tape
- pen

1.  Cut out the side of the box that has the tissue opening.  Now, modify the size of your tissue box so that it fits your child's head.  (I had to shorten the length by a bit.)   Recreate a rectangular shape.  Use packing tape to tape everything together. 

2.  Cut out lots of little tabs around the edge of your box.  These tabs will help attach the tissue box to the cereal box brim.

3.  Now let's make the brim.  Cut open a cereal box.  Fold the cereal box in half.  Trace your tissue box onto the center of one side of the cereal box.  Cut out that traced rectangle.  Then, trace and cut out this cutout rectangle to create another identical rectangle on the other side of the cereal box. Make sure both cutouts lie directly on top of each other.   

4.  Push your tissue box through one of the cutouts.  (It's ok if your cereal box rips a little. You can always tape it with packing tape.)
how to make tissue box and cereal box cowboy hat
5.  Use packing tape to securely attach the tissue box tabs to your cereal box brim.  Then, apply a thick layer of glue to that side of the cereal box.

6.  Fold over the other side of the cereal box so that both rectangular cutouts lie directly on top of each other.  Press down and make sure both cereal box sides stick together.  Now you have a nice, sturdy brim.

7.  Trim the cereal box to create a hat's brim.

8.  Curve the brim anyway you like it to make it look more "cowboy-esque."  Apply one final layer of packing tape around the edge of the cutout rectangle to make sure everything is securely attached and sturdy. 

9.  Paint your hat and decorate with a strand of felt.  Enjoy!  Yeehaw!

make a cowboy hat from tissue box and cereal box


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