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Monday, July 16, 2018

How to Fold Origami Paper Claws

Ever think about making paper claws? Do you have a kid who loves Wolverine, cats, or monsters?  Then today's origami craft is for you!  We're taking a short departure from my typical uber-cute and colorful origami projects for some more ferocious ones.  RAWR! As a mom of two boys, our home is constantly the sight of roughhousing.   Both had a blast pretend fighting* with these easy-to-fold claws.  So grab two sheets of paper and let's get folding! 

 (*And let's be honest, real fighting too... ack!  Summertime shenanigans currently abound over here...)

How To Fold Origami Paper Claws in 10 Steps

(Super, super easy and only requires 2 sheets of notebook paper!)

How to Fold Origami Paper Claws- For Cosplay, monster costume, cat costume, Wolverine costume- Super easy for all kids to make!

Monday, July 9, 2018

Faux Henna Tattoos for Kids

Have you ever heard about Henna tattoos? These are beautiful temporary tattoos that people around the world apply during certain celebrations or rites of passage.  (You can read more about  Henna tattoos here.)  Years ago, I attended a Mehendi Ceremony and completely fell in love with all the beautiful designs that the artist applied to our hands. That was the first (and sadly the last time) I ever got Henna done.  Today's post is an attempt to recreate the beautiful details of the Henna tattoo... in a very kid-friendly way!

Kid-Friendly Faux Henna Tattoos

(Kids can draw them + they're completely washable too!)

how to do kid-friendly henna with kids!

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Christmas Word Doodle Art Challenges! (Free Printable included!)

The countdown to Christmas is on!  I love this season and usually share tons of easy Christmas activities and crafts.  But this year it's been tough getting into the Christmas spirit.  With all the wildfires in California, we've been more somber and going slightly stir-crazy staying inside.  (The smoke is pretty bad.)  So today I'm sharing an activity that we recently did.  This fun, no-prep, and creative Christmas activity helped us to pass the time while stuck indoors.

Free Christmas Word Art Challenges!

free Christmas Printable Doodle Art Sheets- Fun Challenge for the Whole family!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Word Doodle Art Challenge: Can you transform words into pictures?

If you've been on my facebook page lately, you'll see that I really enjoy sharing videos of people doing creative things.   (I love getting inspired!)  Recently, I shared this super neat video of an artist transforming words like "unicorn," "cat," and "fish" into pictures.  My son and I enjoyed watching that video so much that I made some more "word doodle sheets" for us to try out together!

Word Doodle Art Challenge!

Word doodle challenge- fun art activity printable for the whole family

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Free Thanksgiving Acrostic and Word Hunt Printables

Looking for an easy, no-prep, last minute  Thanksgiving activity for the kiddos?  Well, look no further!  Here are 2 super fun printable sheets that will keep the kids entertained while the turkey bakes.

Two Free Thanksgiving Printables!

Free Thanksgiving Printables for Kids- Acrostic Poem and Word Hunt

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Dip Dye Kids Art Project

If you're looking for the easiest, funnest, cheapest, and most colorful kids summer art project... you're at the right place.  We've been dying up a storm over here and turning plain old paper towels into lovely dip dye art!

How to Make Dip Dye Art With Kids

Dip Dye Art with Kids- A great alternative to tie dying this summer!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

MAGIC Color Transfer Art!

Did you ever play with carbon paper as a kid?  (Hmm... have I just seriously dated myself here?)  I LOVED that stuff.  You stuck it behind a sheet of blank paper, went to town doodling, lifted up your carbon paper and then ooh la la!  Instant copy.  So, so cool.  Today I'm sharing an easy and fun art activity that hearkens back to good old carbon paper.  We're making ourselves some colorful, color transfer art!  (It's like making your very own rainbow carbon transfer paper!)

Magic Color Transfer Art!

Magic Color Transfer- Easy and fun art activity for kids!
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Friday, August 21, 2015

Let's Make Some Confetti Bookmarks!

Ready for the start of the school year?  Today I'm over at DIY Candy sharing how I made these super fun confetti bookmarks to help kids celebrate their love of reading and the new school year!

let's make some confetti bookmarks!  easy to make bookmarks to celebrate the start of the new school year!


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