Tuesday, June 17, 2014

DIY Sun Prints with Construction Paper

Make Your Own Construction Paper Sun Prints

DIY Homemade Sun prints from construction paper
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Did you ever make sunprints with SunPrint Paper  as a kid?  I remember eagerly placing objects on that special paper, waiting patiently, and then oohing and ahhing when lovely, vibrant blue and white images appeared.  It was really, really magical.  (And now that I think about it... kinda scary how powerful the sunlight can be. Ack, SPF, anyone?!) 

Ok, back to today's post. The other day I learned through Instagram that you can make your own DIY sunprints at home... without the special paper. What?? Yurp.  After some online searching and experimenting, I figured out a really easy way to make homemade sun prints at home.   Now, the results aren't anywhere as nice as the images from the special SunPrint Paper, but the process is definitely still fun and a whole lot cheaper too.  

Materials to Make Your Own Construction Paper Sun Prints

Let's Make some Sun Prints!

1.  Sketch out and then cut out your ideas on paper.

sketch and cut out your images

2.  Then, trace your images onto contact paper and cut them out.

3.  Lay your contact paper images on your construction paper (without peeling off the backing) to see where you want the images to go.

4.  When you're pleased with the arrangement, peel off the backing and stick the images onto your paper.

(I am totally a copycat.  These two designs were inspired by Anthropologie items.  Golly, that store has some beautiful stuff.)

make your own sunprints at home without the special paper

DIY Sun Prints using construction paper

5.  Once your design is ready, use masking tape and tape your construction paper to the window.  (Make sure the side with the contact paper is touching the window.  Basically, the contact paper blocks the sun from lightening certain portions of the paper.)

how to make homemade sunprints without special paper

6.  After about 4 hours (aka, after getting back from church and eating lunch), carefully take your construction paper off the window, and peel away your contact paper.  You should see some lovely designs appear.   (Note:  It might take more or less time where you live.  We also got results after waiting just 2 hours.) 

Tada!  Aren't they gorgeous?  Now the only question is what to do with this lovely paper?  Hrmmm....

DIY Construction Paper Sun Prints

how to make DIY sun prints without the special paper (from construction paper)

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Happy making!