Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Kiss Wrapping Paper

Love reading with your child?  Love Valentine's day too?  Well then you're in luck!  Today is Read and Play Day!  Today, several kid bloggers and I are sharing 27 great Valentine's books and corresponding activities and crafts on our blogs! You can check out The Pleasantest Thing for the full list of all the great activities!

Here's the Valentine's Day craft that I made with Chuck-  DIY Kiss Wrapping Paper!

DIY Kiss Wrapping Paper- Valentine's Day Kids craft
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Chuck and I read the book Arthur's Valentine  by Marc Brown.  In this story, Arthur receives a bunch of Valentines from a secret admirer.  By the end of the book, he finally figures out the secret admirer's identity.  Arthur offers to give her a kiss, but while her eyes are closed, he leaves her a bunch of chocolate kisses instead.

Chuck's only 3, so I'm not sure he completely understood the romantic implications of the book.  He just likes that the end involved kisses.  (Especially the chocolate kisses!)

I thought it would be fun to incorporate the idea of kisses (both the chocolate and real kinds) into a craft!  To make our DIY Kiss Wrapping paper, we first put on a little lipstick.  Then, we kissed a piece of paper.

 (I gotta admit, I was a bit hesitant about putting lipstick on my son since boys don't usually wear lipstick.  But once he saw me making the lip prints, he wanted to do it too.  I was so happy that he wanted to craft with me, that I just let him go for it!)

How to make kiss wrapping paper

Some of our darker lip prints smudged when we touched them, so I let our paper sit out overnight.  That seemed to help a bit.  (I realize now that I probably also could have blotted our lips before stamping them.  Maybe that would have made them less smudgy too?)

Then, we used our kiss wrapping paper to wrap small boxes filled with chocolate kisses!  (I love how the kisses were wrapped up with kisses!)

DIY Kiss Wrapping paper- fun kids Valentine's Day craft

And then I added a pink bow to make everything prettier.

how to make DIY Kiss wrapping paper

Hope you try out this craft with your kids too!  And if you're looking for more Valentine's Day Crafts, check out the links below!

DIY Kiss Wrapping Paper- Valentine's Day Kids Craft

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