Monday, January 5, 2015

Valentine, You ROCK MY WORLD!

Even though our Christmas tree is still up (I know, I know, I haven't the heart to take it down), my mind is currently on Valentine's Day and all the lovely crafts that go along with that.  Last year we made adorable heart shaped glasses and DIY Coffee and Candy Gifts.  This year I'm challenging myself to think of 10 easy funny, pun-y crafts that say Happy Valentine's Day!

Here's my 1st attempt!

Funny Pun-y Valentine's Day 1:  

"Valentine, You Rock My World" Rocks 

Funny and Pun-y ways to say Happy Valentine's Day- You rock my world rocks
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Tee hee hee.  Cute right?  To make these rocks, I simply
  • washed and dried some beach rocks
  • used this to draw on them (although you could also use craft paint too)
  • and then used this to protect my artwork.  Love that it dries clear!
  • I also added magnets onto the back of the rock, but they weren't strong enough to hold paper.  Maybe I should have used these instead?

And if you liked this technique that I used to decorate rocks, you can check out this post where I used it on pumpkins and pinecones too! 

I'm kinda excited to see what other ideas come up during this challenge.  What funny / pun-y ways have you said Happy Valentine's Day?  

Happy creating, friends!

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