Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Make Sugar Cube Sugar Skull Art with Kids!

Looking for a fun Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Craft to do with the kids?  How about this sugar skull process art activity?  Different, everyday materials are combined to create a piece of unique and lovely artwork!

Sugar Cube Sugar Skull Art

Sugar Cube Sugar Skull Art- Fun Way to make art with preschoolers!
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Last week I was talking to another mom about our local Day of the Dead Celebrations.  Even though I'm not Mexican, I enjoy celebrating other cultures  (and trying out their cuisine too... yum!) As a mom, I'd also like Chuck to experience and appreciate other cultures too.  One really easy way for us to begin learning about this holiday was to make art and craft together.

Sugar Cube Sugar Skull Art- Easy Preschool Art to Celebrate Fall Holidays


First, I hot glued a series of sugar cubes in the shape of a skull to a piece of cardboard.

Sugar Cube Sugar Skull Art

Chuck immediately wanted to trace it, so I gave him a Sharpie Marker to use.  Because we're using liquid watercolors, Sharpies are really made for the job.  Other markers would smear and run with the water. (By the way, if you want a really fun art activity that shows the difference between Permanent and washable markers, check out this easy art and STEM activity.)

Using droppers and liquid water colors to make sugar cube sugar skull art

We looked at pictures of sugar skulls online and briefly talked about the Day of the Dead Holiday.  Our skull looked a little plain, so I gave him liquid watercolors, a dropper, and a watercolor brush.  He set to work "painting" his skull.  It was pretty fascinating seeing the sugar absorb the colors!

Boy doodling on sugar cube sugar skull art

After that, we began doodling hearts, leaves, flowers, and swirls around our Skull.  (These were the elements that kept popping up when we searched for sugar skulls online.)

Sugar Cube Sugar Skull Art- Easy Preschool Art!

After we doodled, we used color pencils and crayons to color everything in.

I didn't realize that he would really get into the activity.  We just kept coloring, and coloring, and coloring. Soon our entire piece was filled with lovely bright colors!

Sugar Cube Sugar Skull Art- Fun Fall Preschool Art

Unfortunately, because of our ant problem (grrr!) we weren't able to keep this artwork out for very long.  But, it was still a really nice, low-prep activity to do with my preschooler.

I hope you have fun celebrating Dia De Los Muertos with your kids too!

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