Friday, March 4, 2016

Design a Paper Glider (Free printable included!)

Does your child love the idea of flying?  Is he or she infatuated with planes, space shuttles, helicopters, or gliders?   Well, today's post is for you!  We're designing and making gliders!  (And bonus- I've even included a printable for you to do the activity too!)   This is a great STEAM Activity that allows kids to be creative, get artsy, and explore the idea of flight too!

Let's Design a Paper Glider!

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We recently showed my preschooler how to fold paper airplanes.  He really loves flying them, but still struggles with making all the folds himself.  So I thought this glider activity would be a good one for him.  There aren't too many folds to make and we get to talk about glider design too!

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Let's build a paper glider!

Download and print my FREE build a glider printable template.

Draw a design (or color mine in) and then cut your glider out.

Then fold your glider in half along fold line 1.

Then fold one flap down along fold 2.

Then fold the other flap down along fold line 3.

Now comes a great opportunity to test out your glider design with your kids!

  • Try flying your glider as is.  What happens?  Why do you think this is happening?  Your glider should have trouble flying and instead flop in the air.  It is too light.  It needs something to weigh it down!

  • Talk to your kids about what you can do to improve the glider's design.  You can follow their suggestions (and then make more gliders if the ideas don't work).  Or, simply add paper clips to the nose 1 at a time.  You should see that the plane flies a tiny bit better with 1 paper clip, and  way better with 2 paper clips.

And then zip your gliders around your room!  Zooooom!

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