Monday, June 15, 2020

Easy Styrofoam and Marker Printmaking with Kids

Do you have styrofoam and markers? Looking for an easy and affordable way to create a “wow” art experience for the kids? Have you tried styrofoam and marker printmaking? We love doing printing activities together and ever since I saw Shelly's IG post sharing how to make prints without printing ink, I was excited to try the activity with my kids too. 

Here’s how we made prints with everyday items around the house.

How to Make Styrofoam and Marker Prints with Kids at Home

how to use markers and styrofoam to do easy printmaking activity with elementary aged kids- great cheap and recycled art project

Monday, June 8, 2020

Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Course Ideas

Hi friends! How are you doing during the Quarantine? Are you looking for ways to get the kids out of the house? My boys miss seeing their friends, so we found a fun way to entertain ourselves (and possibly the other kids in the neighborhood too!) Last week, we pulled out our trusty sidewalk chalk and designed an easy chalk obstacle course. The boys enjoyed thinking up different activities to include, so I'm sharing it here today! This would be a super fun artsy outdoor activity for kids of all ages.

How to Design an Easy Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Course with Kids

How to Design an Easy Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Course with Kids- Fun Outdoor Quarantine Activity

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Painting Cute Rock Strawberries

Last weekend the boys and I went to the beach and collected some lovely rocks. We love doing rock crafts, so we brought them home and painted them. The boys painted their own designs and I painted these adorable strawberry rocks!

How to Paint Rock Strawberries

How to paint adorable and cute rock strawberries with acrylic white, black, red, and green paint

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

How to grow Chia Egg Heads

Spring is here and while we're all still stuck at home, I've been trying to fill our days with easy spring crafts and activities. That's how we ended up growing our very own chia egg heads... in just one week!

How to Grow Chia Egg Heads with Kids

How to Grow Chia Seed Egg Head Plants with Kids at Home in a week- super easy spring gardening fun

Note:  This post contains affiliate links.  This means I make a small bit of change when you purchase items through the links.  Thank you for your support and the grocery money! For my full disclosure policy, click here.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Adorable Woven Cardboard Llamas

Are you looking for an easy weaving project to try with the kids? Well, look no further! Today's llama weaving craft is such an easy and cute way to introduce the art of weaving to kids. Plus, you won't need any special materials to try it out.

Are you ready? Let's get weaving!

How to Weave and Adorable Llama (with kids!)

How to Weave an Adorable Cardboard Llama- Such a fun and easy way to introduce weaving to kids


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