Sunday, August 18, 2019

50+ Super Cute and Easy Origami and Kirigami Projects for Kids

Looking for origami projects that are unique, cute, and easy-to-fold? Or, do you feel the need to grab a pair of scissors and cut some beautiful kirigami designs?  If you're on the hunt for kid-friendly paper folding projects for spring, summer, fall, and winter, then I've got the ultimate post for you. Here's a growing list of over 50 super cute origami and kirigami ideas for kids!

50+ Easy and Kid-Friendly Origami and Kirigami Projects

50+ cute and Easy Origami and Kirigami Projects for Kids for all seasons!

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Whoa... why do we do so many Origami and Kirigami Projects?

  • Origami and Kirigami projects are super affordable. 
    • All you need is paper (preferably origami paper), scissors, and markers.
  • Origami projects are varied and span levels of difficulty from easy to hard!
  • Origami projects can be super cute. (I do love me some cute crafts!)
  • It's supremely satisfying to follow instructions and watch a flat sheet of paper transformed into something interesting and 3D.
  • It's a practical and artistic way to explore math concepts. 

And that's why we've shared over 50 origami projects here on the blog over the years!  (And we'll continue sharing many, many more!)

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    Happy folding, friends!

    50+ cute and Easy Origami and Kirigami Projects for Kids for all seasons!