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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Watercolor and Crayon Resist Notebooks

Even though I don't like clutter, I'm also a secret horder of two things.  One is cardboard.  (Happy sigh.)  The other is Chuck's artwork.... which is a growing problem because we keep painting and I never know what to do with the art that I like.  I hang some up in his room.  I turn other pieces into new artwork.  I also use some for cards and stationary (see here , here, and here for some of my favorites)  Goodness, I even turned one into a magnetic fishing game!  Well recently I began turning his artwork into lovely little handmade notebooks.  

Watercolor and Crayon Resist Notebooks

watercolor and crayon resist notebooks

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These were made from from some old watercolor and crayon resist artwork... and I love them.  They're personal, lovely, and practical.  I use them to jot down all my bloggy and crafty ideas throughout the day.  And oh yeah, they're super easy to make too!  So let's get crafting!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Chinese New Year Pig Watercolor Paintings

Did you know that this Chinese New Year is the year of the pig?  A couple of nights ago my boys and I began making our annual Chinese New Year Crafts together.  One of my good friends is an art teacher and she painted some lovely pigs with her students.  I loved her idea so much that I wanted to try the activity out with my two boys too.  (Thanks, Alicia for the awesome idea!!!!)

Tada!  We all had fun trying our hand at painting some watercolor pigs for Chinese New Year!

Painting Watercolor Pigs for Chinese New Year!

(Can you guess which one my preschooler painted?  He fully enjoyed himself and got immensely messy!)

Chinese New Year Pig Watercolor Paintings- Such a fun art project to try with kids of all ages!

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Make your own "Paint with water" pages

While perusing the craft store for costume materials the other day, I saw some "paint with water" books.  As a kid I loved those things.  You pay a buck or two and then you got sheets and sheets of coloring pages with "paint pans" printed on the bottom of the page. It always blew my mind that I just needed a wet Q-tip to paint!  

So of course, that's when a light bulb went off in my mind.  Ding!  Sure, I could pay a could pay a couple of bucks, buy a book, and then relive some childhood memories.  But I figured I'd have even more fun putting on my DIY hat and making my own "paint with water" pages.

So, tada!  Here are my DIY "paint with water" pages.  Not going to lie, the store bought ones are certainly cheaper.  But, these ones are pretty groovy because they're customizable and sure to delight both the maker and the user.

Ready to make your own?  Let's get started!

  • Watercolor paper
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie marker
  • Watercolor pencils
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Watercolor tubes


1.  Cut your watercolor paper into quarters.  Use your Sharpie marker to draw four rectangles on the bottom of your sheet.  These will hold your "paint" colors.  Then, use your Sharpie marker to doodle your images onto the paper.  (Or, you could leave the page blank too.) 

2.  Pull out your watercolor pencils.  Color the rectangles in with different colors.  For the best results, press hard and choose darker colors.

And that's it!  You now have blank canvases for artwork, coloring sheets, or fun activity sheets. (Come on, who doesn't love adding makeup to doodled faces?)

Or, you could turn the pages into fun cards or postcards.  Who wouldn't love receiving a super cute card that doubles as an outlet for creativity?   

To color in your pages, simply take a Q-tip (or paint brush), dip it in water, and then dip it into your "paint pans."  Voila.  Instant watercolor paint!

Don't have watercolor pencils?  No sweat.  You could also do the same thing with watercolor tubes.  (This idea was inspired by Creative With Kids.)  For these "paint with water" pages:
  1. Cut your watercolor pages in half instead of quarters to give yourself more room to paint
  2. Place tiny drops of paint on one side of your watercolor sheet
  3. Let the paint dry for a couple of hours
  4. Doodle a design with Sharpie if desired
Once again, you've got your very own portable palette of paint!  (These pages are a bit fancier than the previous ones because they hold more paint.)

Once again, all you need now is a paintbrush (or in my case, a Q-tip) to make instant artwork.

Happy crafting!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Watercolor Painted Paper Lanterns (with Jellyfish too!)

I am a sucker for kids watercolor art and crafts.  They're colorful, easy to set up, easy to clean up, and give us such bright and happy results.  (Plus, who doesn't love watching colors blend with one another?  It's pure magic.)  Today I'm pulling out another watercolor craft that will look just beautiful decorating your home this summer.  Tada!  We're painting some paper lanterns!

painted watercolor paper lanterns craft (cute fish, pom pom, earth, and jellyfish kids craft!)

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Melted Crayon and Watercolor Frames (Kid made gift)

Do you ever feel like life is moving at a super fast speed and you are just being pulled along for a ride?  That's what I've felt these past two weeks.  We battled an illness, hosted a good friend for a couple of days, and celebrated my sister's graduation.  Oh yeah.  We've also been preparing for our move to California later this summer.  Ahhh!  (More on that later.)  So today's kid-made crayon and watercolor frame was actually made quite a few weeks ago.  I'm excited to finally be posting it today.  I love how easy the it was to make and how lovely it turned out.  (This would definitely be a great kid-made Father's Day gift!)  But, I can't take full credit for the idea.  I originally spotted the idea on fellow Rockin' Art Mom Twodaloo's Crayon Resist Photo Display post.  And she was originally inspired by Artful Parent's Melted Crayon on Wooden Blocks post.  (These two ladies are super creative, so definitely check their blogs out!)

Kid Made Gifts- Melted Crayon and Watercolor Frames

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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Invitation to Create: Watercolor Rats

Hi everyone! Just stopping in to share another super easy kids Chinese New Year Art and Craft Activity! Last week we made these adorable Rat Paper Cuttings. Today we're going to celebrate the Lunar New Year with these easy Watercolor rats!

Inviting Kids to Create: Watercolor Rats

Invitation to Create Watercolor Rats- Fun and Easy Chinese New Year Art Activity for kids of all ages

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Make Colorful Watercolor Peg Doll and Beaded Necklaces

I recently purchased a box of Liquid Watercolors (affiliate link) to try out.  I'd seen so many beautiful projects by other fellow Rockin' Art Moms  that we just had to try them out too.

And guess what?  These paints totally lived up to the hype.

Here's why liquid watercolor rock- The colors are beautiful and vibrant.  These watercolor paints are also SO MUCH EASIER to use than the typical pan watercolors.  My preschooler doesn't typically enjoy painting with me because he struggles with getting enough color on his paint brush.  I think he really enjoyed today's project because it was easy and the colors came out looking fabulous!

So here's our first liquid watercolor project- Tada!  We used our liquid watercolors to dye some wooden beads and peg dolls to make these lovely, family necklaces!

Let's Make Colorful Watercolor-Dyed Peg Doll Necklaces!

 How to dye wooden beads and peg dolls with liquid watercolors and turn them into a beautiful, family necklace!
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Thursday, March 20, 2014

DIY Flying Whirly Copter Toy

Lately Chuck and I have been infatuated with things that fly. That's why we made our cardboard space shuttle a couple of days ago.  So today I took things one step further to create a handmade toy that actually did fly.  Modeled  after a plastic toy that hubby brought back from one of his trips, here's our version of a DIY Flying Whirly Copter Toy.

DIY Flying Whirly Copter Toy

DIY Flying Whirly Copter Toy

It's pretty neat that the toy actually does fly.  You simply spin it between both hands and the copter flies out and floats to the ground.  Keep reading to see how we made it (and a video of it flying!)

Friday, January 22, 2016

Watercolor Painted Paper Fans

I've recently been looking into making more Chinese New Year crafts together as a way to celebrate the upcoming holiday.   With my current infatuation with  watercolor crafts, we recently made these watercolor painted paper fans together.

Watercolor Painted Paper Fans

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

5 Ways to Write Secret Messages

As a kid, I loved the idea of being a detective or a secret spy.  They got to wear cool clothes, go on adventures, and solve mysteries.  A couple of weeks ago I tried playing a detective game with Chuck.  I hid his favorite stuffed pig and then left 5 clues for him to follow.  The clues were all written as secret messages.  We had to do something to the paper to revel the hidden words.

5 Ways to Write Secret Messages

Pretend to be a Detective and write secret messages 5 different ways

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Chuck was onboard with the game.   We've recently been gobbling up Nate the Great books from the library, so he really enjoyed being a detective and solving the case.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Family Watercolor Hand print Art

I'm always a bit nervous about transitions in life.  And having a new baby has certainly been a humongous transition for our whole family.  Diapers, giggles, crying, baby snuggles... we're still trying to find our new groove as a family of four.  So I came up with this hand print art project to do with my eldest son.  Despite all the crazy chaos that this stage of life brings, I still wanted to celebrate our family.

Family Watercolor Hand Print Art  

Kids Abstract Hand Print Watercolor Art Project that celebrates family
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Thursday, July 17, 2014

DIY Magnetic Transportation Map Game

Our epic move still looms overhead.  The movers are coming next week and then we fly off to California a week after that.  I keep trying to explain what's happening to Chuck, but I'm not sure he gets it yet.  So I came up with this easy craft and activity to help him out.  It's a DIY Magnetic Transportation Map Activity where you move different types of transportation across county using magnets!

DIY Magnetic Transportation Map Game

DIY Magnetic Transportation Map Game
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Chuck really enjoyed helping me to color in the map and different types of transportation using watercolors.  He also REALLY enjoyed moving everything around using magnets.  It was a bit of trial and error to put this toy together, but at the end we came up with a craft that's easy to make, fun to use, and *hopefully* helpful for Chuck.

Let's get making!

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Family Watercolor Heart Banners (and our 6 Favorite Valentine's Crafts)

This super sweet watercolor heart banner is a great Valentine's Craft celebrating the entire family.  During a recent playdate, I had the preschoolers make their own heart banners for their family.  The children enjoyed painting, gluing, and identifying all the members in their family.  Here's how we made this craft.

Family Watercolor Heart Banner

Make Family Heart Banners for Valentine's Day Kids Craft

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Artsy Watercolor Father's Day Poetry

Looking for a quick, easy, and beautiful way to wish dad a happy Father's Day? Today we have a gorgeous watercolor Father's Day Craft that kids can make themselves, or you can paint together as a family. 

Artsy Watercolor Father's Day Poetry

Super Fun Artsy Father's Day Poetry- A DIY Kid Card and Art Piece for Dad

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Easy and Colorful Paper Plate Snakes

Sometimes the easy and classic preschool crafts are the best.  Today I'm sharing a super easy paper plate craft for all reptile-loving kids.  We're crafting some beautiful paper plate snakes!

Watercolor Paper Plate Snakes

Paper Plate Snakes - Easy Preschool art and craft activity
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Friday, August 3, 2018

Kids Paint Watercolor Geodes

Love staring at geodes?  Do agates make your heart pitter patter?  We recently attended a rock and crystal themed birthday party (cool idea, right?) and we had fun "painting" these super simple "watercolor" geodes for our birthday card. 

Wait a moment.  Why am I putting everything in quotations?  Well, keep reading to find out! (Spoiler alert- No watercolors were used!)

Let's "Paint*" Geode cards with Kids

(*No fancy watercolors needed for this fun kid craft!)

How to "paint" agate geodes with kids- super easy art idea that doesn't require any water colors!

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How to Marble with Nail Polish

Now that our moving date looms just overhead, we're trying our best to hang out with relatives and friends before we leave.  Last week we had an epic craft/play date with cousins.  It was a TON of fun! Chuck loved playing cars with his older cousin and I had a blast crafting with my niece.  She recently received a bunch of nail polishes for her birthday, so I thought it would be an excellent time to try marbling paper with nail polish!

How to Marble With Nail Polish

how to marble with nail polish

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Um.  Yeah.  Aren't the results AMAZING?  And they're made just using nail polish and water! We had fun choosing colors, swirling them around, and creating these lovely, colorful works of gorgeous art.  Wanna see how we made them?  Keep on reading!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Homemade watercolor card and upcycled strawberry container gift box

Ok, so this post's title is rather long and not too creative... but I couldn't think of a better way to describe this:
To end this week's series of wedding themed posts, I wanted to show how I wrapped and presented our "Good Night, Bonne Nuit" pillow cases to the bride and groom   In the spirit of DIY, we made both the card and the gift box.

Chuck helped me to make the wedding card and envelope.  Say what?  Yup, you read right.  My little guy and I made these:

Remember those homemade watercolors I made a couple of weeks back?  Well, we pulled them out of the fridge, re-hydrated the paint with several drops of water, and then went to town using them as finger paints.  Their pale colors were perfect for the wedding.  (On the down side- The paint left a bit of powdery residue on the watercolor paper when it dried.  Fortunately I was able to wipe most of it off with a napkin.)

Chuck's finger painting became the envelope and mine became the card.  (The white swirls were made by first drawing on the watercolor paper with an old Easter egg wax crayon.  After covering the paper with paint, the portions that were scribbled on with the wax crayon remained white.)   Oh yeah, and in case you're wondering, the card reads something along these lines: "life is better when you're walking hand in hand with the person you love"

We then upcycled an old strawberry container into the gift box:  

Cute right?  Wish I could take credit  for this idea, but I can't.  I first spotted it at the amazing Aunt Peaches.

To do this, I simply:
- Washed and dried the strawberry container, making sure to remove any gooey sticker parts (I used Goo gone )
- Used a Sharpie marker and doodled some flowers on the inside of the box
- Used craft paint and dabbed paint on the inside of the box
- Used Mod Podge to seal my craft paint once I was finished

Then, I placed a piece of pink tissue paper inside just to make sure that my pillowcases stayed nice and clean.  And there you have it.  Tada! A handmade wedding card and gift box that's pretty to look at and  so simple to make.  (A child could do it...really.).

Hooray for creatively used crap!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Make Monster Sculptures with kids!

Looking for a fun Halloween activity for preschoolers?  

Why not set up a monster-making factory in your dining room?  Yup.  This fun art and craft activity is a great way for kids to be creative and gear up for the upcoming holidays.  (Hooray Halloween!  Woo-hoo!)

let's make monster sculptures with kids- easy and fun Halloween Fall Activity
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Living in Southern California, I have a tough time appreciating seasons.  I mean, we’re still in the 70s-80s here.  The leaves are green…. I'm still wearing shorts and sandals.  It just doesn’t quite feel like fall.  So this monster-making activity really helped us get into the fall spirit.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Gorgeous, Kid-Made Birthday Banner (And my dream job...)

A few weeks ago, we invited a few school friends over for a play date.  Since having a baby less than a year ago, I've been a bit (ok... let's be honest... VERY) nervous about having people over.  I'm always pooped and don't really feel like entertaining.  (Ever feel that way too?)  But, I pushed myself to try and that's how I found myself with 5 kids running around our fairly small home.  The kids played with toys and ran around outside... and surprisingly a lot of time was spent inside, painting and making art.


You read that right, friends.  Our teacher's birthday was coming up and I invited the children to help me paint her birthday banner.  Once the kids saw the papers and art supplies on our table... they got right to work, creating the beautiful birthday letters below.

Gorgeous Happy Birthday Banner Painted By Kids
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